Campaign design

Putting holidaymakers across the UK on red alert for summer savings.


June 2022


Barrhead Travel


Front Page

When it comes to holidays, later is always better than never. With the end of summer fast approaching, Barrhead Travel required an integrated campaign that would give any last-minute holidaymakers a not-so-subtle nudge in their direction.

Although the sale element of the offer was to be front and centre, it was also important to communicate the reliability, expertise and value for money that Barrhead Travel offer. With 61 stores across the country, they are the UK's leading independent travel company; booking over 300,000 people on holidays each year and winning countless awards for their knowledgeable staff, attention to detail and excellent value.

My approach to the brief was to dial up the urgency as much as possible. I quickly landed on the idea of appropriating the SOS distress signal, turning it into a device that could be equally as attention-grabbing but flexible enough to convey a number of relatable holiday settings.

The resulting series of images was then carefully whittled down to a final selection and then applied and delivered across both digital and print (including press and above-the-line OOH).