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Front Page

Disney Magikit is Disney's own digital asset management platform where internal and external design teams can source assets for the production of marketing materials. The digital team at Front Page were tasked with overhauling the design and development of the existing platform to give MagiKit a new identity and provide an experience that felt modern, vibrant and exciting.

The visual identity takes the kit aspect of the name quite literally - arranging the various assets that can be found on the platform into toolkits spread out waiting to be assembled. As well as giving the identity an almost limitless flexibility, this was also a useful way to deliver another key demand of Disney's brief: to showcase the enormous scope of attractions, dining and activities on offer in each of the resorts.

Each step of the user journey was carefully assessed, mapped out and wireframed to provide a richer, more interactive and intuitive experience. The platform provides users with their own account and dashboard where they can see what's been newly added to the platform as well as any assets that are due to expire. A newly developed 'kit' function allows users to easily create and share their own collections. Disney administrators can also control and enforce the various copyright restrictions that usage of each asset must adhere to. Following its launch in the UK, Magikit is due to be rolled out to different key markets with German and Spanish language versions of the platform to follow.

To help distinguish between the content and character of the three different brands that Magikit contains, each resort was given it's own mini identity. The logo and colour palette flexes across the site to reinforce to the user which resort's content is currently being viewed.